Dating A Man Whose 7 Year Old Son Crawled Into Bed With Us Last Night Is This Behavior Okay

when wearing a condom i can last like 30 min but my gf is on the pill and she doesnt like it when i wear a condom but i dont last very long without wearing a condom so what can i do to last longer

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i was the last of my buddies. there were 8 of us. I lost it in may. Its honestly not what its cracked up to be. Dont give in though, be an individual.... Wait for your time to be right because you'll never forget it as long as you live... trust me, we broke up and i think about it... its tough.

Sounds like you had a stress induced hallucination of some sort. You were probably so tired and stressed that your conscious mind shut down on you, giving you the out of body feeling, which activated a dream state. Maybe the old man was your subconscious mind and it was chastising you for over working yourself. Or it really could have been an out of body experience. There are infinite possibilities in this world according to quantum physics. Seriously you could have transported yourself to another dimension. Maybe you found the link, the transdimensional highway, through complete exhaustion and five-hour energy shots. (No Joke)

alright man kind of confusing but i got the basic point. codeine will make make your problem worse man, make you even fall asleep. the question that i ask is if you have a problem lasting you know, less than 10 minutes...or you jus want to be a super stud and go all night?

When you feel it start to happen, Pull out and start doing something else to your woman. Use your hands, fingers and mouth and then when you recover go at it again. You know even with the pill and no condom your still prone to get pregnant.

its okay to want sex because you are married and God has Blessed those that are married...another words He made sex for marriage, only. have him try to hold it and when he feels that he is getting there he can stop for a little while, then start up again............but if he doesnt try to please you then he is being selfish, 1 Cor. 7:3-5, depriving your husband is not the answer either, go to God about this.....believe me you can do this, and He will help you plus He will also get a hold of your husband if he is being selfish. JUST PRAY!!!

when I was your age I had the same problem, and still have it, it takes me to long too(sometimes as much as a half hour), the best advice I can give you is to get "warmed up" first whether you do it yourself or you and your wife do some morer foreplay, you both can have some real fun with it, and the problem you describe is not an uncommon problem, delayed ejaculation is actually the number 1 sexual condition

because they don't know any other way of trying to explain what is in their head.. and or not hurt your feelings because they do like you. but maybe not love you!

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