Ladies Or Men I Want Your Opinion On My Boyfriend

My Man is Muslim and yes he is good in Bed! But doensn't last any longer than 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That pisses me off cos i'm a sexual driven person and need to be satisfied for as long as it take. Can some pls help me understand what is wrong. Thanks

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He can have very sensitive nerves. Really, beyond getting a little drunk or sleepy to reduce the feeling a bit. I think your stuck with it.

What is too soon? Read previous threads by me for study: average time for males 20-30 in monogamous relationships is 7-10 min without trying to hold off or prolong it....PERIOD. Most girls think we go for like days.....Well not without work, and mental and physical training. Sorry we are animals...and programed to ejaculate quickly....the more you do it, the better for conceiving Try the squeeze or stop/start method. Make sure you have done your job in foreplay. I may be blasted for this...but Sometimes I make sure my partner has gone, once (or twice) via foreplay...then I just let that 7 min go by and finish. I don't always want to detract from my experience. Likewise, she should understand, that sometimes I will to prolong, and have her complete I guess you should sit down and compromise....sometimes last long for her, sometimes let yourself enjoy and go when you go. Understand eachother's wants and limitations.

Whenever you're getting close, ask her to stop momentarily or slow down. Basically this will reset you, and will help you evantually learn to last a little longer.

How can you ever find love if you aren't willing to take that chance? I think the only hurdle the two of you need to cross is the issue of children. If you are certain about not wanting children then she needs to be sure she is too. If she is, give it a whirl. You never know it could be the one for you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Red

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if you are really good looking and attractive then he is always going to be quick, bad luck, you could always "ugly yourself up"

Holding period depends from person to person and from situation to situation, with time u'll settle with sex it will surely lengthen

Why do you care? Look, you can concern yourself with her pleasure or yours. Choose yours. Heterosexual intercourse practically guarantees male orgasm so don't mess with a sure thing. Know what I mean? Just pump and dump, man. See, through all the storied bitching about men in the bedroom women-generally-have consistently missed the point. It's not that men are hopeless in the sack; we just don't care. The average guy's set of directions to orgasm looks like this: insert, hump, repeat until finished. Trust me, her set of directions isn't going to be as forward and there's about a 95% chance that she's not even familiar with those directions. So don't waste your time worrying about her expectations. Just lie to her, tell her you'll see to her needs, that you love her (little tip: eye contact and NOT laughing in her face are crucial here), and all that other similarly themed crap. Good luck, man.

last long at foreplay. make him go down on you and stimulate your clit untill you are about to orgasm. then let him slide in you and take you to your climax. i think you should seek professional help though.

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