Is This Extract From My Short Story Ok Im 13

Hi Ya'll My boyfriend whos in the military is coming home this week from being in the middle east! We are going to have sex with eachother for the first time ( we are not virgins, but we have never done it with eachother ). He says he is worried about being a one minute man, just cuz its been so long since hes done it . . . and that scares me! Any advice how we can make it last longer? Can we foreplay for a long time without worrying about him cumming? or getting blue balls? what can I do for hiim?... thanks guys!

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my guy takes "breathers" when he starts to feel close... he will just stop and take a deep breath, then get back to work :) Or, try changing positions to something that isn't extremely pleasurable for you... like maybe girl on top.

It helps to ejaculate once before primary intercourse. You can try having your partner apply four play before you engage in sex. Masturbation, fellatio etc are good ways to acheive this. Now this can be done intermittently during your intercourse. Have Fun! -Fed

I usually just drink a can of Red Bull. I dont tell my girlfriend so shes always super mega satisfied and exhausted after. She might think im cheating if she finds out.

If he can't last, he can't last - get the first one over with and do it again 15 or 20 minutes later. He should be able to go a lot longer. If not, then just do it again. Guaranteed at some point he'll be able to go non stop for as long as you want it. Tell him not to stop and start anymore - it doesn't work. And when you start over again, to start from the beginning so you get worked up again, plus there is already some lubrication from the first time. Hope it helps.

agh,,,,awagh..................... u forgot to put the lid up,,then you put the cap back on the toothpaste,,, look here tootise,,, a mans gotta do what mans gotta do,,,go fix your man some supper and tell him ur sorry for being out of line,,,

changing positions can help. control of breath also helps. make sure that your not making your hamstring muscles to tight. just relax. and enjoy. and do some foreplay before engaging your buddy. maybe some use of tongue may do the trick.... enjoy!

Slow down and take your time, use more foreplay. Take a breather and then start again. Males like to prolong sex and love making as long as possible. They want to enjoy the thrills.Once they climax it's over. Once they hit that high of climaxing, many will just stop. But then again some males can last for 3 or 4 hours. In my younger days I could do it for many hours. Don't take as offensive, just an honest answer to your question.

Try to think about other think, sure it works. Maybe you can thinking about your job, your hobby or something, it would help you to share your focus. And to support it from inside you can take natural supplement that may be able to help cure your premature ejaculation problem. I know about this from my friend, he try it and get the good result of it. I hope this answer will help you. Good luck!

stop masturbating for at least 2 weeks. its *hard* i but you can do it. also, drink a lot of water, that helps you produce more sperm. PS-make sure you have a condom. im sure she doesnt want to be a 17 year old mom

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