How Can I Last Longer In Bed

I want to last longer! I need to last longer in bed! I need to satisfy my girlfriend every night every time! pls advise..

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not really sure. if the feelings that i had for you were strong enough then it would not matter. many people are in relationships and cant even have sex, but they are togeather b/c they love one another and sex is not a big issue.

the only reason that I can think of is because maybe she is thinking that you have to get yourself aroused when you have sex with her. just be honest with her and she will understand because she seems like she is feeling a bit conscious or insecure :)

I totally agree with numbers 2 and 9 on the first one. Girls are dumb...and i am one. Love the last one and second to last one...classic! You are one funny man!!!!!!

don't know bout all that but i do know somethings can go way overboard.....hahaha by the way a cockroach can live for ten days after u cut its head.yeah.i'm not telling u more....

You guys are like rabbits. STOP FUCKING SO MUCH. Maybe if you didnt have sex all the time, he would have more cum in his balls. Like stpo being so horny all the time and I hope that you use a condom because lets not breed any mopre stupid people.

at least he realizes its a problem. my boyfriend is exactly the same. I told him to masturbate once a day without giving him a reason, then one day he asked me- is the reason why you told me to do that everyday so i can last longer? and i was like uh what are you talking about. lol idk it sucks, but if we love our boyfriends we just have to get a good vibrator i guess :)

Im in the same situation bro. Im 19 and my girlfriend is turning 21, i can also keep on going after i ejaculate. (3-6 times in a row) Our sex doesnt last longer than 10-15 mins, we foreplay but i don't get any oral because my girlfriend freaks out when she touches or slightly tastes semen. She gets soar and its frustrating for me. ( especially because i don't get oral) On my birthday i was lucky to get oral for about 8 seconds until she tasted a little semen...

There are ejaculation control exercises that can train you to last as long as you want... here, this guide gives you some good info no the ejaculation control exercises: ~5 Ways to Suck in Bed~ (sarcastic title... gives good info though)

Maybe there's something medically wrong with him and he refuses your help and pretends to be asleep because he's embarrassed. How's the actual sex?

If you really want info about how to make him last longer in bed click here!

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