How Long Do Bed Bugs Bite Last

Would me learning karma sutra allow me to last longer in bed, or would be allow me to pleasure my partner better? I just want someone to tell me in simple terms what it gives me overall and also what books would be good for it. thanks

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Well take this from someone whose been there done that.... First of all a simple kiss can lead to many thingsand those things have consequences. I'm not saying you can't have a little fun because you can it next time try and not rush into it. And as for that last question yes! LOL good luck

The well known art of self pleasuring yourself before going out on a date will help. It's always better the second time anyway.

Some girls like for a guy to be quick because sex can be exhausted but some like a guy to be an all nighter. But to answer your can last longer in bed if you masturbate first then wait a while and then have sex.

I think Huggs is on the right track. As a physician I can tell you for certain that (as you most likely know) herpes is a highly contagious STD. Although if you are taking an antiviral medication such as Zovirax, Famvir, or Valtrex your chances of having an outbreak are significantly reduced. It is however still possible (although remote) that when not currently having an outbreak you can spread the virus. Here's a good "backpedal" for you... one person in four statistically have the herpes virus. Most people that have it will never know since they have iether only had one outbreak or none at all. In my opinion, you should get to know your sexual partners before engaging in sexual activities with them. If this gentleman is worth it to you, and you are worth it to him... then postpone your tryst to a later date and just get to know eachother. Educate him about your condition, and if you still wish to have sex do so with caution. In a monogamous sexual relationship while taking medication it is actually signifigantly less common to spread the virus. I wish you the best.

omg i feel so bad omg u have no idea! well um if u go to ur doctor and talk to him or her about it they might beable to help u but idk that doesnt sound right p.s im 14 nd i wish my bf last 2 hours he lstes lik 15 mins nd hes 17 years old

try masterbating a lot b4 you do it, thats the only way to help you last longer.. & yea you can have sex again after you ejaculate... just have to wait a lil bit

foreplay first should help (finger her ect.) you can get to right before your orgasm and stop and wait for you to calm down then go again (that could help you last longer in the long run but idk how much she'd like it) or when you finish put on another condom and go again.

The more sex you have, the longer your tolerance builds up. It's possible you're just having it too frequently. Also, if you do drugs, it can numb the sensation and make it easier to go longer with ejaculating. I've also heard something about a high testosterone level can make a guy go longer too.

i have never heard of anythign to do that but you never know it could be out there somewhere. but if you do it alot more then he will start to last longer because he is getting used to it

he could get some medical help... lasting less than 5 minutes isnt healthy and is categorized as "PREMATURE EJACULATION" and needs medical help!! I have read about this so often!! good luck

If you really want info about what to take to last longer in bed click here!

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