How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally No Pillz

Me & my boyfriend have sex i swear in like 10min. I don't think its ever lasted longer than that. It feels really good i just wish it would last longer. I don't take birth control & we don't use condoms so when he cums he pulls out so i won't get pregnant. Then he gets soft & it takes forever for him to get hard again. Any suggestions...

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OMG, you have what most women want!!! LOL I haven't been with many people on three, but the first two were way too fast. I could never reach the big O. My current boyfriend is like your husband. He says the same thing. He has trained himself not blow his load too quickly. He wants to make sure he pleasures me before he lets loose. So when I've had my fill I just go lemp on him and tell him that I can't move any more.

You simply need to communicate as a couple. He's the "man" here and he thinks that penetrative sex is what he should be aiming for. You need to teach him what you would like him to do, roleplay, oral sex, fingers, stroking whatever. I'm sure once the pressure to perform is off he will relax and your sex life will improve for both of you. On a personal note my b/f c*ms very quickly when I am on top so maybe ease off on that position? I know its good for you but often men find it hard to hold back when they can see and feel everything at the same time so to speak. Invest in a decent dildo/vibrator and let him stimulate you with that to orgasm before you even touch him ;)

hi YPB Lotion does help it feels much better. When you first discover what you can do other than just pee with you penis, you will generally "blow your load" very quickly. As time goes by you will learn what to do to slow down the end result. As everyone is different it is diffucult to give you specific directions. Hope this is helpful. All the best.

I like it its compelling and I was sure the narrator was a girl you should make a few adjustments to make Bishop seem slightly more masculine.

your fucked up, why would you let someone do that to you while your married even tho the sex may not be the best thing you can work on that, you need to leave him and do hima favor you already showed hes the one that deserves better, your a WH**E

For me it all depends how comfortable and safe I feel with a girl. I am very gunshy about cu*M*ing and if have any doubt about i feel towards the girl I will probably not finish at all. It sounds crazy because most guys are 1 minute heros and for me im not I dont even worry about finishing all I focus on is getting the girl to finish HARD and it works because girls talk about good sex lol For all honestly purposes if I dont feel secure enough with a girl to finish and she is really good at what she is doing it will typically take 45 minutes goood time loving but if im trying to not come I can pretty much hold it back for as long as I need to but Ill tell you what not being able to come easy is not a blessing most girls dont even like super long sex they like 15 minutes of going at it because anymore can make them sore :) If you are worried about finishing too fast and not being able to please a girl there are a lot of things you can do to keep from finishing...1. You count and start thinking about other topics. This one is a last resort because if you truly can focus on something else then it will no longer feel good and your performace will be lacking for the girl because you are not focused on her. 2. Numbing creme this works great but it definitly will take away from the stimulation and when I have had partial numbing agents I can not FINISH as much as I try. 3. Dont think so much about finishing too early the more you think about it the more likely you are to finish too early and ruin the girls fun lol 4. Strengthen your muscle down there...this is probably the best one to learn it will help you in a ton of ways. THe muscle that stops your peeing is the same muscle that can stop the cumming and you will get to the point where you can as a guy have multiple orgasms. The reason why is because THe orgasm and ejaculation are actually two seperate processes that get triggered at the same time. The orgasm is purely a endorphin rush and that is what feels so good. You know the feeling of feeling too sensitive with your johnson to go anymore well that sensitivity comes from the ejaculation of the semen and if you get a strong enough muscle to stop the cum from cumming out you will actually have the orgasm but nothing will be released and you will be able to keep on going with no issues. The problem with this method is the risk of Blue Balls Soo remember to actually cum later on after more time passes and make sure the girls knows she got you off else she will have some serious issues with not feelings sexy or good enough for you lol... The art is really not in how long you last the art is in how fast you can get them to finish so they cant say anything about you going too fast lol

When u take to long, then sometimes the vagina gets dry. Maybe u should use some oil and then it wont hurt so much. Good luck.

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