Sex Question How To Quotholdquot It For A Long Time

my boyfriend feels bad because he does not last that long and i feel that maybe it just takes me too long to orgasm. Any suggestions? we mess around with alot of different positions. i just feel like there is probally something i could be doing.

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1) dont over masturbate too much 2) calm your nerves If those still aint doing it for you 3) Do the tug move. Jerk your sack before your about to come down and away from your body real quick. Or pinch the top of your junk before you blow your load. 4) Do more foreplay with her to get her at the peak of her arousal

don't masturbate right before sex, but you should masturbate regularly. Start about twice a day at least to increase your stamina.

One thing with the libra's are they don't have feelings like we do. Trust me i know. My bf's mother which is a libra don't understand me at all period. She don't have feelings. Shes very judgmental. Criticizes me with everything i do. The libras are perfect with everything. I mean everything. They are very stubborn to. I am not sure on how to approach him. I would sit down & have a chat with him & tell him you want to be bf & gf!

Your biggest sexual organ is your brain. Your second biggest sexual organ is your mouth. So... talk talk talk it up. I think you need to be communicating more. The more you talk with each other, the stronger your bond will become, and any psychological inhibitions he may be experiencing should decrease. You'd be surprised at how curling up with your man and just talking to him about the day will give you both some good wood.

What's your problem? too fast or too slow? you seem to be saying both..... actually sounds like the problem is with your wife.

WOW!.....1 minute huh......maybe he should give you oral sex to turn you on, then instead of penetrating you, have him rub his c*ck on your clit using slight pressure and an up and down motion. Once he feels you getting wetter, he can slip it in and out and continue with more rubbing. Once your ready to come, he can stick it inside you and you can both come together. If all of the rubbing turns him on too much, have him ease off and use his fingers, one inside pressing up on your G-spot and the other stroking your clit, maybe sucking your tits as well. Then go back to the rubbing of the clit and penetration. Practice makes perfect and it pays off in the end.

well i respect that you keep competing with yourself, i'm the same way. im the same as you, i last longer if i jerk off before, but now i can control it more without doing that. I can last about 45 minutes depending on how i F(_)ck. It's also not your fault that you havent made her c(_)m. Many girls cannot c(_)m through vaginal sex and have to have the clitoris stimulated or something of the sort. Try going down on her, she will greatly enjoy this, just make sure she's all clean down there...this will make you enjoy it more. Find her clitoris and lick that as well as by the vaginal opening. up and down at different speeds. She'll love it and probably c(_)m. Okay good luck and i hope this helps man.

you just need to pace yourself...with teasing and go slowly really building it up.and then at the end you should last a while.

Jerk off within 20 mins of your next session. You'll definitly last longer. Or buy this lube at any grocery or cvs store, it will make you last longer, but you may loose sensation. THey make condoms also that do this.

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