Is It Wrong Of Me To Break Up With My Boyfriend Because He Quotdoesnt Last Long In Bedquot

& how long does it take you to cum? Be honest, I won't tell anyone i promise =D

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Sounds like he wants you to stand up to him, not bow down to him. If you don't do the aggressive/high heels/lingerie thing, what DO you do? Do you not enjoy being in charge in bed? It sounds like he would like that. I'd take a man like that, spank his butt, flip him over, straddle him and hold him down, demand exactly what I want... I could go on.......isn't that half the fun?

Yeah there is herbal treatment available for long lasting in bed. Beside this herbal treatment do not have any side effects. a very good decision for going herbal.

There are all kinds of creams that you can use. Or try a numbing lotion that will make you last longer, but decrease the stimulation. Or it could potentially number her a little.

thats too long to read sir ..but its wrong to have a photo of a girl by some guys bed .... get real....i agree with what the question said .. .. we all look at people we got eyes... theres so many people on this earth everywhere right and sometimes people arent even really looking at someone at all we just had to learn that as we went along .. but we all we all we all look at people cause people are everywhere.. GOD will know our thoughts.....lots a people are mis judged (alcohol) not everyones a predator.... looks like everyones anxious now days ..too much media.. GOD in my opinion will doom us all dear.. none of us are happy campers... we also have no balance ..i went ahead and read some more ..yes swear cuss f word slander isnt helping .. politicians are not remote controls to us all dear.. i guess we just have to grin and bear this mess.. i have tv i despise tv.. and its not possible for all mouths to talk right all the time so we all present some problems with talk we dont mean to of course.. that was i hate tv not have well i have tv but i hate tv so i try to keep it off .. were all in the same boat we cant level the world we just have to muddle thru and yes we have morals we just cant use em... im sorry you feel so desperate.. sex is the worst thing on earth next to money.. no where to turn GOD.. im happy to see when men are fed up with it that gives us hope? YES when people accuse on sex be sure you discern well so no one is falsely accused ..girls of course cannot lie they know when they have been offended by outsiders .. vice i never buy into that one.. you better start with the bible .. it dooms us.. i hate tv... i think we all have come to the point we hate everything.. GOD HELP US ALL...... he is trying to get us all im assuming you mean satan.. pray LORDS prayer and serenityprayer.....

He's turned lazy since he thinks that now he's got you he doesn't have to make the effort anymore. Wrong ! A relationship requires constant work. In short, he's become complacent. It sounds like his mother used to do everything for him and now you've taken her role. If I were you I'd be telling him to get of his fat backside and find a job, or else tell him it's finished. Make him understand that the person you first fell in love with isn't the person he has become, and that you don't like it anymore. He needs some short sharp shock treatment, seriously, or it'll be like this for the rest of the time you're together. Keep in mind, you're still young and there are plenty other males out there. Maybe even threaten to take a break from him a while and see if he sorts himself out, otherwise, give him the heave. You can do a lot better.

3 words shes a slut. I hope this helps and please don't take offense, but don't fuss over sluts. Try not to jump the gun by confessing your love. Its lust, raw emotion and don't blame yourself... Not your fault that she is after a root. Stop beating yourself up...she doesn't hate you... She just doesn't probably care as much as you do, thus it seems like she hates you. Its just her being selfish.

I don't care for the resulting full-sized bed, so never even considered one. Posters have thumbed down the various brands of convertibles that will turn into a twin bed, so we just decided we will not bother with convertibles. The thing is...toddler beds aren't that costly. I'm not even a walmart shopper and I can find them for about $60 bucks at local stores. I would much rather put an older kid into a twin bed because I want them to maintain their own bed (like I did) and a full sized bed is too daunting for a 5 or 6 year old to make.

ewll if you do you wont be able to do it four or five times. dont masturbate. if she finds out its a turnoff. also it wont make you last much longer. if your gonna go your gonna go. its just gonna make it not feel as good since your used to something besides well....a vagina. technique. try to please her. kiss her on her neck gently and smoothly. when your trying to please her your focus becmoes on her having a good time instead of you just pumping it in.

here's a technique it's called "Stop at the Pop" or so we call it here when you're close to cumming STOP kiss her then continue when you fell okay but if it's still there(the feel of cumming) then be slow but steady don't hurry and make her cum before you do

I won't buy the book. Not sure it will make it to the New York Times' Best Sellers list anyway. The plot is too crowded.

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