Should I Make This Girl Slow Down So This Will Last Longer

She will say that it hurts only after 20 min and i can last a lot longer . I know other woman that would love to be with a guy that can last that long and it won't hurt them. I also am good in bed i please her a ton I was not comparing her to another woman i was saying that i know other woman that can last longer the 20 min and i was wondering is there a problem also I use a lot of lubercint and we do it rough because that how she likes it but i also start off realy slow. Another thig is that it is all ways priviet and i allways find out what she want and if she is ok be for we do anything. I only ask the question because all i wont to do is please her as much as i can.

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I agree with the rest It seems that your here describing alot of people lives she tried to have relationships that did not work and somehow you think that you can take her past apart and beat her over the head with it. I think you want a mother figure and a desirable woman all mixed in one she is much older than you and it would seem that you want to be taken care of on your terms. Does she sit and rant about your family and failed relationships I don't think so I think she accepted you as you are. If your not in therapy or medicated you might want to look into it...

Actually, thinking about it is right..! Since 99% of all arousal and excitement happens inside our heads, taking control and deliberately thinking about something else (this takes practice..) really helps. I was lucky when I was very young and learning all this, cos the girl I was with was much more experienced and she immediately saw what the problem was and showed me how to slow down, relax, take it slower and above all, THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE..! At first I couldn't last 3 minutes. Later, with practice, the sessions were much longer and consequently, much more enjoyable. This is a painless process. Enter into it all with the spirit of experiment and above all, share all this with your partner so she knows what's going on. Once she stops giggling, she'll be of great help to you. Enjoy.

How often do you have sex? How often are you masturbating? My guess is you are so excited you just orgasm after like 2 minutes. Consider doing reading on tantra and learning to take things slower. Or maybe you are just one of those guys that will have multiple orgasms, the refractory period is roughly 20-30 minutes and because you are so young, you should be able to achieve another erection. Believe me, you're partner will thank you for it.

I did. It's mostly mental. When I was younger I often would ejaculate in 3 to 4 minutes. I was told of an exercise that worked for me. When you penetrate start thinking of something else. I used baseball. I would play the game in my mind. I had to do this every time I had sex for a few weeks. Soon though I could control the beast. For years I'd go an hour or so. I did discover though that a lot of women don't want you to go that long. Still you'll be the one to pull the trigger when you want.

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He's a loser. Don't talk to him no more. Give him the 20 and send him to hell. If he follows you, call the cops and let him know you mean business.

My boyfriend says that you last longer if you masturbate a lot. It's like building up your tolerance. I don't know if it's true but he does seem to last longer if he masturbates the day before or earlier in the day.

You can jerk one off like 10 min before having sex. Also, don't tighten you muscles. Have you tried masturbating without tightening your muscles? It's hard. And if you feel like you're about to be done, ask her to switch and for her go on top. Her being on top is a lot less pleasurable but you'll last longer. Those are my tricks.

When my husband wants to last longer he just pulls out when he is near orgasm and we do other things for a bit and he justs repeats that until we are ready to be done, it works!

just get some porn videos thats all the talk that needs to be.. it works like a charm...really . .if you dont believe me ask your friends what kind they watch.. geez .. everybody in the world watches that stuff and fantasies .. and well thats whats its there for. talking is good but if you are out of talk then who needs it just pop the porn in the video and watch until you guys are ready and well you know the rest

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