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i want to be able to last longer in bed. on average i last 20 mins but it's not consistent. other times i last more then an hour then others only about 5 mins. why does the times change for me? (and it's not stamina or anything like that where i run out of energy)

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being selfish..only focusing on his needs and pleasure getting the right balance between being rough and gentle, not too much of either usually, but depends on the girl/situation. 1 2 and 3 all matter too and like 5 ..listen and ask..you sound ready though! good luck :)

Disconnect your phone, and keep ignoring the 3:30 am door ringing. Hopefully he gives up but you should move just to be safe and don't meet men off the net.

You've got some good tips already kegel exercises, pulling out and doing something else etc...Also try actually using condoms. My husband always last longer with them than without. Makes sense, the vagina was made to feel good to a penis, with a condom you're blocking some of that. It's also an extra form of birth control because the pill isn't 100% effective. Also try masturbating the night or morning before you know you're going to have sex.

Yes. There are. But it needs patience and some time. You need to practice masturbation in a different way. Try to masturbate alone without your gf and try to stop when you reach orgasm. stop a while and do it again. Try to control as much as possible by you. Probably you can practice it daily until you are able to withstand for 20 minutes within a dozen stop and start. This itself takes some time and once you are done ask your gf to give you bj. Don't have sex for some three or four times but just this bj till you are able to withstand for 20 min. Give your gf some signs for stop and start. If you are done then you are out of your problem. This is a proven way but as i said it takes some time and practice. If you are not looking for some natural ways then probably you can go for some pills but i am not sure whether there are pills for this.....Anyways good luck to you....

2 humps and hes off you must be hot you must do it twice,if hes off quick the second time ,try slightly sedating him before sex. best wishes

Have sex in a committed relationship, not just messing around like that. It will really mess with your emotions later on in life. Please stop, if only for your own sake (also for the girls though).

you can try different positions like when you feel like your getting ready to climax switch up the position. You can also try condoms and the KY stuff that makes it not so sensitive. Try more foreplay that does not involve yourself too much cause then you can get your partner all worked up and maybe even climax before you even start. Just take your time and figure out what works good for you on slowing you down

Most men like to please themselves first ( we are selfish).....we don't really think about the foreplay or how much women NEED foreplay.....you just need to sit down and talk to him. Don't start out with a 2 hour foreplay....slowly start with 20mins, then 30mins, etc.....let him get used to it. Get some books and dvds to teach him what to do.....if you give him the Best blowjob ever (you need to get a book for that also!)...he'll do Anything for you!

try this masturbating style and you will soon be able to last longer. Starting masturbating as normal but slow it down a little. when you feel like you are about to cum. STOP! Count to 30 slowly and then pick back up again. do this 3-4 times before you actually cum. You can also try "Priming" your dick. It is hard to do but you might find it effective. Start out by hold the base of your penis tight and masturbate with your other hand. try not to think about anything arousing. you are trying to get your dick unsensitive. When you do this you will know. It will almost feel as if you are tired of jacking off but at the same time you want to cum sooooo bad.

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