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I've been hurt for so many years. Been strangled, and spat on, left in tears. Cried myself to sleep so many nights. Sometimes on a hospital bed after a terrible fight. Now i'm here once again in a hospital bed, I lay. Notebook in my hand. Poetry is my only escape. And today I've decided to find me a better man. I'm worth more than I'm getting. This is the last strand. Nothing can sway me from the decision I've come to. Not jewelry, Presents, or sorry I love yous. I've made up my mind. I need to be strong. The pain and suffering has gone on far to long. I've been bruised and used. Made to feel worthless. No longer though will I feel this sadness. Because I'm gonna find me a better man. I'm worth more than I'm getting. This is the last strand.

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I would like to think I've given it a good try - but I'm hopeless at refusing sex when the girl comes on to me, so probably not!

Go slow and its normal for guys to spaff quickly when young because the vas deferens (sp?) isn't as long as oppose to the length it will be when you get older.

You need to give him the chance to wram up to it. The first time,, let him go fast,, give him about 20 minutes and help him up again,, the second time will last longer,, and then give him time to rest up and if you want more,, again help him up and each time,, he will last longer and longer with each progressive time. You can get him to the point when or where he will just stay up for hours ,to the point when it will hurt him because the ,, it will not come down,, then you are having all that you want and more. You may even get to the point,, you both will be sore,, no matter how much natural lubricant you both can produce.. believe me,, been there done that and if you keep at it,, you will both be sore,, even to the point,, you think your linning the skin is raw. It will feel very good,, but it will also hurt when the surfaces touch even your unerwear. Just don't do it until you bleed through your skin,, it can happen and then you will need about three days until you heal. So remember you will know,, "it hurts so good." and the meaning of exactly what that means.

Have him do foreplay on you at first and have him try to have you climax that way first before intercourse. They have such things or meds to let him have a longer resistance. Check out your adult toys or talk to a doctor.

If your dog like mine enjoys food, then it will not matter what you put in or how big your kong is. We have the largest Kong's and our Bull Terriers pick them up in their jaws and slam dunk them into the ground so nothing lasts, except the kong. Try putting the kong in an old quilt it takes them ages to get the kong out. Only draw back is the quilt does not last as long as the kong. Good luck

oh dam...first of all you need him to be less ego about himself and show him who's in control...tell him that you're turned off by him when he gets that way..and that when he holds it back from you trying to please him or for the both of you, you should try a different method of pleasing him..try lubricants or other toy products for something different or play roll playing that makes things interesting...don't have sex all the time it'll get to the both of's called sex addiction..try other things to keep you and him pleased..besides in bed all the spontaneous =] and exotic..that way it'll save up some energy for you guys later if you want to have sex sex for later... that's what i do with my boyfriend and he loves it X) lol and the sleeping with one woman thing bothers him...that's not's obvious he's not going to be loyal to should just try to ease away from him if he is serious of what he said right there..

Sorry to burst your bubble but you probably not superman, maybe you just don't like her as much as you think you do. Think of someone else and see if that works.

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