How Do You Make A Guy Last Longer In Bed

Why a big penis is better: -Its girth and width provides alot of friction against my vaginal lips, and the stimulation is incredibly pleasing as a result! -Its length penetrates me deeply so that way all parts of my vagina are being stimulated. -The girth and length combine to create a feeling of fullness in my vagina that is almost unmatched! -In my expierence, a man with a long, thick penis has harder erections-which adds even more friction and stimulation against my vaginal lips and creates an even more pleasurable sensation! And also, because a man lasts longer in bed when his erection is harder, well endowed men with there rock-hard erections last longer than less endowed men! -Also in my expierence, men who are well endowed can shoot out semen faster then men who are less endowed. I can't explain why, but I but men with big dicks tend to be "shooters" while men with small dicks tend to be "dribblers." Seeing a man "shoot" his load is in itself a huge turnon, but feeling all that warm, thick semen rapidly fill up my vagina as I'm completely filled up by his large penis just makes me lean my head back and let out cries of ecstacy and passion!!! To me, THIS is the ULTIMATE sexual feeling! -A big penis is more pleasurable from an oral standpoint as well. There's just more flesh to suck and lick, and I love getting a nice creamy treat at the end of it all! The only "con" that could come out of a big penis is if it is so big that it starts to hurt, and even then, a woman would have to have a very small pussy or just isn't wet enough in order for that to happen. But with me, my vagina is average sized (6 inches deep, 2 inches wide), and I'm ALWAYS wet enough, so I can take any penis 9 inches long or less and 7 inches thick or less with no problem! If you want to know why a short, thin penis just doesn't work, take every reason why a long, thick penis is so great and flip it around. There are NO pro's to a small penis! They just provide LITTLE to NO SOURCE of stimulation and pleasure! Without a doubt, penis size matters, and the bigger it is, the better sex becomes!

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In my opinion, the last longer during sex problem can be treated by ejaculation training. Ejaculation training is a natural and safest way to have sex last longer with no pills, no creams, no condom and no erection bands. Here are good articles about the truth of premature ejaculation treatment naturally and success stories. It's very useful for you. Don't worry!

Don't try to overanalyze this, honey. Could be many reasons, one of them out of spite. The biggie here is that you resolved you problems through communication .. talking ... and as long as you keep talking honestly with each other about what bothers you then your sex life will continue to be hot and heavy for a long long time.

the seamen tubes and urine tubes are different... they are not linked or related... stopping urinating only stings... and causes discomfort in most males... its hard to stop!!!

foreplay my friend, Thats the only advise you need.. and you wanna get it he second time, you better make sure she gets off b4 you...the tongue never goes soft, use it or the next guy might...good luck

Forget any products! Switch postions. If im doing it plain missionarry and i feel that nut come on ill put her legs up over my shoulders and sit up on my knees that usually works. Try not to think about busting too much cuz once u focus on it its over. If u have to jus pull out, reagin yourself, and go back to doing your thing. Switching it up usually helps the best

Tell him you faked it with someone else. Try listening to Loveline. I don't know what radio channel it's on where you are at but here in Louisville, Kentucky it comes on 93.1. It has Dr. Drew on there who is an actual Doctor who talks about sex and other sexual interest. Don't worry he's not like that old woman who's on talk sex. He is actually interesting. He does say that the average for a man is about 5-10 minutes. Dr. Drew also explains that woman don't always orgasm during sex but can still enjoy it. Try listening to Loveline with him because if you say it, it's one thing but it he hears a male doctor saying it and explaining it, it means much more.

He knows when he is getting to his peak so I say the same as a few of the others. Stop give him a breather so to speak and the start back up when he knows the sensation has passed. In the end doing that will actually stimulate you more as well ..... due to the interruptions. And enjoy.

My man used to have the same problem, but now I get him to go down on me first to get me to a point that I can not go any longer with out an orgasm. We then have sex and he stops when he feels like he is going to cum and plays with me for a while. We can have sex for about an hour. it is the best sex that I have ever had.

To very true it hurts,but a great laugh ,because if a man and a woman are to survive a relationship there must be plenty of laughter for both!

This is what you should do. When you are with her, make sure the room is completely dark. Have a few of your friends over and in that room. When you are having sex and about to ejaculate, pull out and change the sex position. As you are changing the position, have your friend jump in and have sex with her while you rest up. When he feels like he's going to ejaculate, switch positions and have another friend jump in. Keep doing this until she cums at least eight times. Then you jump back in and give her the juice. She will be VERY impressed with your stamina. =)

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