I Like Anal Play Alone Could That Cause Me To Not Last Long In Bed

As soon as i begin to have sex with my girl, after about 5 thrusts, i feel myself ejaculating. I've tried to masturbate beforehand, and to think of other things during sex. Any suggestions?

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the best way to change this is for him to masturbate. tell him to masturbate everyday and tell him to try to make it last long. when he is masturbate and going to reach his orgasm to just stop and wait a few seconds and continue. a little practice and he'll be able to last longer.

Honestly, neither. Often a quickie is just as nice as average length sex, and often (if he does his job properly) once is enough!

What is wrong with resorting to toys to get you off? You are getting off, and he is too, right? Isn't that what matters? Do you really have to make him feel inadequate simply because *you* take too long to climax with vaginal sex, and he may be a bit premature in that area? If you are both pleased afterwords isn't that what really matters? I think you should stop obsessing on *how* you get off, and just be plain grateful you have a husband open minded enough, and who truly loves you and wishes your pleasure too, that he is willing to use other means to help you achieve release. Many husbands simply don't have a clue that their wives are faking it because the wife is too shy or timed to tell him she needs more, and so they go through life with her pretending and him thinking he is a sex God. How sad that is. The only thing which matters here is you have a loving husband who wishes to ensure your pleasure too, and so does what is needed to do so. Be grateful and please stop making him feel like there is something wrong with him. Are you aware that the average erection for a male is about 2-3 minutes before ejaculation? Anyone who sustains longer is usually a very young man. It is totally normal for a man to help a woman reach orgasm is methods other than vaginal penetration. Get over it, you are normal, and he is normal, and be happy! If you don't believe me about the period of average erection, Google it dear. Good luck and have a nice day.

when my bf gets to where it is hard to control, he stops and changes positions. it gives him a moment to calm down and it gives me a new experience. Also keeps things from getting monotonous.

Not too sure who has more time on their hands;you who asked this question or I who read the question.I liked the celery fact.I know what I'm getting tomorrow. Thank you very much.

my ex used to practice this and it actually worked wonders. he should jack it and alllllmost c*m but then stop... and then do it again and get really close and then stop, and repeat a few times. if he does that eventually it will help him last a lot longer.

He probly has developed a fear of not being able to satisfy you.bcuz of this he worrys about sex and lasting long.this anxiety will be on his mind and will cause him to ***.quick.there is many different method s to help this bt to be honest not sure if they help.u and ur boy need to communicate during sex.get him back in his comfort zone.the girl being on top can help,and get him to tell u wen e nearli blows his load..then just slow down or stop until he feels ok again.repeat this and u will notice e will start to last longer. P.S 3-4 minutes is above average and if your not getting an orgasm,just du stuf b4 sex .i tink ul get my drift x

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