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I'm 17 years old and have been in a relationship for 26 months. The lady friend and I started having sex 6 months ago but the problem is that she lives overseas from me - so when we see each other, there's little time (2 weeks etc) to get some loving on the go. My issue is that I can only manage to last 30 minutes or so, regarding we go slow and that I released the day before. If we go fast, however, sex is only around 15 minutes. This is quite discouraging and makes me feel very self conscious although she says its amazing and it's nothing to think about. My questions is: how can i last longer in bed? :) Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Personally, I have never cheated. I have too much respect for myself and for my partner. If I am unhappy, I speak up and try to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, many couples do not have open/honest communication.

Kudos to you for taking it slow. But most women are used to the "majority" of the male species - which is they want some poo tang. So to spend that amount of money on her and take time out to do all these things - women "Expect" to give it up. Maybe she hasn't expereienced a guy like you yet.

if you do want to master the skill then you should try it out with an experienced girl, willing to give you some tips and guide you while both of you are at it.

Ultimatley you risk loosing a really good relationship, one that you may never be able to have with man 2, the quality of your relationship with man 1 is something you have taken for granted latley, I suspect that you will leave him for man 2 and will regret that desicion. I think you should work with your current relationship as it is perfect for you, man 2 is only really fling worthy and is telling you what you want to hear in order to get you to go with him. In other words a guy like that is often too good to be true. You have cheated on man 1 I take it, so perhaps he should be given the choice here, tell him the situation and if he can forgive you. If he does leave man 2 well alone and work it out with man 1, if he leaves you then you can have your cake and eat it.

Yeah, that does seem frustrating. In a girl's point of view--- that would be AWESOME at first, but after the first few times it would be not so much fun. Maybe you aren't getting into it? You should fantasize MUCH MORE and maybe that will help you reach your "goal" faster.

I've masturbated for more than an hour before (and I wasn't going slowly either), but I don't think that compares to sex.

Hi sweetie there are a few tricks. First know your body aka masturbate and practice doing it. If that doesnt work hold the base or your penis put pressure on it and your erection should last longer. Also, stop if u feel like you are about to cum or just slow down and either withdraw totally or do some foreplay. Practice doing oral to her she will like that. Then get your erection back and start again. Me and my boyfriend tried it once and his orgasm was so strong he was sweating really hard. U can even practice it during masturbation to see if it works okay sweetie.

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Personal Experience Of An Iud Contraceptive

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