Girlfriend Asked Me To Wet The Bed At Night

I am suffering from premature ejaculation. How can I last longer in bed? I just don't know what to do....Any tips to stop prejaculation?

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To be completely honest, the thinner, the better in my opinion. It feels more real and natural if its thinner. Thicker causes more friction and causes more pain for us in the end.

im being totaly serious here. go to the doc and say you have anxiety issues, always thinking and worring, cant rest, get all hyped up over everything. try to persuade him to give you generic paxil. tell him you know people on it and it works for them. after about 2 weeks on it, you can f*ck like a pornstar dude. im serious. i take it becasue im a nervous wreck, but realized that one of the side effect (onoly one i have) is i can go for hours. i have to physiclly FORCE myself to finish.

I don't mind sometimes but other times it can be bad for us (women) because of the friction. I can go hours at a time but every now and again I dry out and it is painful. My husband has a lot of stamina and although I am not complaining sometimes it can be a pain. By the way it is a definite plus.

Don't smoke and exercise three times a week with some cardio to keep your cardiovascular system top notch. If you have no other major health issues this is the best recipe for a rock hard erection. I know that myself, I can't seem to last as long doggy style, so switch it up to a position where you can last longer. As exercise that muscle you squeeze if you have to hold in a big piss. Do 50 squeezes a day and hold it for varying times. Have fun.

practice through masturbation each time push yourself to hold out the better you get at that the better you'll be in bed.

10 min are you kidding speaking from experience of last night, 1 1/2hrs later and i'm not on drugs or alcoholic, just have to pace yourself,every time you think you going to blow slow down or pull out, regroup and go again,

All the useful answers will boil down to "More sex -- the first time at his speed, and then he'll slow down if you do it again soon enough afterwards." How soon is "soon enough" will be VERY individualistic.

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