I Lost My Virginity About A Month Ago And Think I Arrive Too Fast How Can I Make Sex Last Longer

I get hit on a lot, even though I'm overweight. I can tell a lot of the guys who hit on me pretty much hit on everybody, but there are a few who give me special attention now and then. I'm not extremely overweight, but my body is not nice looking naked. I know every girl says that, but its true. The cellulite and the general fat in areas it shouldnt be in doesn't bother me so much as my boobs do. One is like a large size A, and the other is like a small size C, and they are saggy. They have been that way since I started puberty. It makes me extremely uncomfortable in bed when they stare at them. I have only dated one guy it didn't seem to bother, and I dated a guy who actually said something mid-sex, "whats wrong with your boobs?" A boob job is pretty much out of the question because I have other things that need that much money first. Only one of my relationships has lasted longer than 5 months, and I'm 26 and have dated around 10 guys probably. Is this why my relationships don't last in all honesty? Because of my body? I get told all the time by guys who like me that Im so pretty and awesome and smart and etc. but when I get naked its a different story... like they know they could do better despite all my amazing personality traits. They stick around awhile when the lights are off but seem to leave shortly after getting a real good look at my body in the light. Is that in my head? I don't like to have low self-esteem, so I haven't dated for a year. Im to a point now where the idea of getting into bed with another guy and him staring at my boobs in confusion pretty much makes me write off any advance any guy makes now. I dont give any of them the time of day because I believe they are going to leave me because of how my body looks. Am I shallow and insecure to think that? Or am I pretty much right?

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wow.... well what ever floats ur boat i guess but he's just nervous that people will tihnk something happened and he doesn't want to get his ass in jail but u may love him but don't do anyithng till ur out of school like for real it'll be really bad if you do but good luck and don't be sad that he's not talking to you what happened with you guys does sound kinda like love but he's just scared

You actually don't need to last all that long yourself while performing. The whole orgasm thing for a female is going to be rather quick too. But what you do need to do is get her to that point. Before you even let your girl touch you or you start taking off your clothes. Set the mood for her. Foreplay is going to be the best thing you can do for your girlfriend. Let it be all about her. Start with little things like painting her toe nails (If she'll let you) Explore her body. Seriously, get to know every inch of her. When she's warmed up and trying to rip your clothes off your going to be more in sync with each others timing and its not going to be where only one person gets off. Trust me, if your only lasting two minutes and you haven't warmed your girl up, She's not getting off.

Uhm first tell her it isn't cool with you and that if she hates you getting up every night to buy you a chamber pot or something Then I would ask her outright if she wants a golden shower or what because I think she has a bit of a fetish for pee... If she does then golden showers will please her (and allow you to relax) more.

It is only bad if it causes you or her frustration. Individuals vary in everything. If it bothering you or her, or if you are unable to have an orgasm you could try using thinner condoms that are more sensitive.

well there is creams that will help him last longer you can order them over the net...also like one other said tell him to masturbate before he comes over..or you and him can take care of this together then later maybe he can last longer but id say go ahead and get some cream and maybe a ring also that will help him hold back Plus make him have a larger erection too...

a couple of options 1: give him a b.l.o.w.j.o.b. first, then go with foreplay untill he is good to go again. this will increase his lasting power drastically. 2: have him masterbate before 3: learn to feel when he is going to cum and slow down 4: try a differant position which provides less friction. Doggy is good for a guy who doesnt last long. 5: over time he will start to last longer, especally if you tease but dont allow him to cum untill you allow it. Key thing is make sure you are safe. wear a condom

i don't know about you but I can last about 13 hours in bed with a couple P'zones and the second and third seasons of the Chappelle Show.

Go for it! There are no guarantees in life. None at all. You haven't even dated yet, so the issue about children is premature. After a year of dating, then it might be time to lay all the cards on the table so you both know the score. Don't lose the chance to fall in love. Love with everything you have, and pray for the best. Many people choose not to have children. It is not an issue at this time.

There are sprays available and more expert resources at adult stores. Better than listening to some of these answers....but it is true that masturbating more can help.

I am sorry to say this,but you have to forget about both of them,your ex because you don't love him and your actual because he doesn't love you..,that's for sure.Stay alone for a while and focus on what you really want from your life and hang out with your girlfriends and ask them to support you..And then you will be ready to move on and start a new love relationship make sure it's worth it and don't be so impulsive everytime.Living with someome meens making some compromises,both of you and care for each other needs and love.Don't be depressed anymore,dear,erase the past and start new life.I wish you a very happy life with lot of love in it!

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