Help My Son Caught Me In Bed With My Boyfriend

(in bed.) I've been having sex with this man for over a year's time. It can be really great, he's a good size, and he knows what he's doing (no doubt thanks to me). The problem I'm here to ask about is that he really never lasts long enough. He doesn't have a problem with his erection, or anything else at all - it's perfectly normal, enjoyable sex, but on a much shorter time-frame. But not all the time - sometimes it's great, it lasts a long time, everything's awesome. But most of the time it only goes for a few minutes, and he's done, and he can't go again. He says he can't control it or stop it once he feels like he's gonna go... I don't really understand probably because I'm not a man. The only kinds of things we've been able to find online are either supplements/pills or really exotic weird things. So, guys, have you ever had this type of problem? If so, was there any kind of thing in particular that might have helped you, other than some kind of pill? Oh BTW he's not circumcised... apparently that kind of thing makes a difference a lot of times. Thank you so so so much!

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Ten minutes is long enough if he knows how to give you an orgasm ~ or two. I can give my wife 5 or 6 orgasms in about 10 minutes.

to be fair it varies person to person. some people last a decent amount of time some don't. your first time will more than likely not be the longest but in know way should you think it will be over straight away. just keep it slow and you should be able to last longer.

If Scott hasn't married you by now, he probably never will. If you try to pressure him into marrying you, he will become very unhappy with the relationship and he will probably just leave you all together. Is that what you really want? You have settled for a man that does not want to commit. You have to deal with that. You have two options. 1) Give him an ultimatum which will make him miserable and he will probably leave you or 2) Accept what you have and be happy that you have him. Your choice.

Why us the pressure on the man all the time? Here guys how long can your woman breath through her nose for? If you know what i mean?? haha Only playing, i think the average is 30 - 50 minutes....

Well, it could be true what he's saying. He may be so excited by you and having sex with you that he's unable to hold back. If you aren't using condoms (which ya should, but anyway), try that. He won't be able to feel as much. There are also numbing creams that he can use that can help him in holding back so that your sexual sessions can last longer. There are also positions that you can use to prevent him from orgasming before you are ready. Okay, now IMO the sex session - literally just the part with intercourse - shouldn't last over 10 to 15 minutes. I mean you can have sex for 2 hours, but a lot of that should be foreplay including kissing, touching, oral, etc...If your sex life is ONLY intercourse then how freaking boring. Time for the two of you to get some education on other avenues of sex. Go to Cosmo magazine's website or get a copy of the Kama Sutra. Those could help. Good luck, hon. P.S. talked to his ex about him having sex with her??? I don't want to imagine my b/f sleeping with his ex nor do I want to discuss the sex life they had. Ewwww...

All men are like that before they learn to relax with a partner. They worry about it more than we do. Remind him that its quality and not quantity and if you are happy with it then he has no reason to worry about it

If what you say is true, then you are the dream guy for any lady! A guy with such good stamina is worth his weight in gold, etc, etc, go boy!

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