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We all hear the jokes of guys lasting like 30 seconds then he finished his first time. Is that necessarily true? Is it always bad? Any tips to last longer? Will being able to control yourself when masturbating help you last longer or is it a whole different ballgame? Can any guys share insight on their first time? how long did you last? when did you find a groove and be at stay at that level? and for girls how did it feel to be with a guy who was having sex for the first time? By the way 17 and me and my GF agreed to have sex soon, I just don't want to be bad. and please none of that "Oh...if she loves you it won't matter" stay on subject please. I know it's a lot of questions, anything would be helpful...thanks!!!

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There's no definite length of time or number of experiences it takes. There are many tricks you can use, though. Some guys think of something to keep their mind off sex and it helps them last longer. Also, if you urinate before sex but stop the flow before you finish peeing, it makes it harder to climax.

Why not try a shifting-perspective narrative? I have a novel coming out next year that is written in this style- approx 70 percent 1st person and 30 percent 3rd. It gave me more freedom because I didn't have to have my protagonist on every single page and every time I started to get bored with what I was writing I just shifted perspectives. I'm about 80 percent finsihed the follow-up, and I'm experimenting again with multiple perspectives. A lot of people say not to do the shifting-perspective stuff, but for me it is the only way to work.

In my opinion, the last longer in bed problem can be treated by ejaculation training. Ejaculation training is a natural and safest way to have sex last longer with no pills, no creams, no condom and no erection bands. Here are good articles about the truth of premature ejaculation treatment naturally and success stories. It's very useful for you. Don't worry!

You are totally normal. I don't know what you are worried about. If it is satisfying for you and for your partner, it doesn't matter how long it takes.

When u take to long, then sometimes the vagina gets dry. Maybe u should use some oil and then it wont hurt so much. Good luck.

Take a nice shower with him and give him a hand job. Then play for a while. Get out, dry off, and continue the playing. When he is ready to go again he should last a while as the initial is over. Experiment with different varieties.

Why do they all need to disappear? How many could you possibly need for yourself? Many women don't judge a man's worth by the size of his penis.

yeah so you can try to stop right when you know its getting really intense just pull away from him and kiss him or something. He may get kind of mad but just laugh it off and then go back to what you were doing but as long as you want it to last just keep doing that... its hilarious even thinking about it right now because i do it and its so funny but it works. :O)

Ha ha, you both sound like bitter teenage girls. Oh no! She insulted the manliness of your husband! How dare she! She must be banished. Really, both of you need to grow up. She likes her husband more than she likes your husband, isn't that how it's supposed to be? It's not a competition.

My advice is to alternate between a slow - moderate pace to fairly fast pace. but all in all try different things and see which one gets the best results

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