Does Masturbation Time Have Anything To Do With Quothow Long You Lastquot In Bed

i am a virgin and i was wondering if how long it takes me to ejaculate when i masterbate mean n/ething to how long i will last in bed??

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DONT go 4 too long if you get cock rings, they will make you penis blue!! thats a bad thing, no more thatn an hour with them on!!, but yes jakin' off works before hand!!

not sure. i have heard some of them, but not all. I had no idea about willard scott. learn something new every day!

Give her lots of oral to stertch it out fo rher. Drink lots of water so your have lot osf semen and can come multiple times. ANd mabye have sex less so you can build up semen and come multiple times.

One thing that helped me overcome this problem when I first started having sex was thinking about non-sexual things, and also Kegels exercises to help control your ejaculation. Practice makes perfect!

Well that is around average so don't be too tough on him :p. But there's not a lot you can do from your end. More foreplay I think is the most common solution. Otherwise, it's really just on his end. He has to understand his body better and get used to how things work. Mainly through "practice" with masturbation. Some guys try to think unsexual thoughts to stop themselves becoming too aroused and that can make them last longer too. I don't think it'd be tough for him to last a "tad" longer though if he really tries.

Look if this is worrying you now before you get married, I suggest you think twice before you get married... People will often jump into marriage thinking that marriage will make everything better..often it does not it only makes matters worse..Personal experience. So if s.ex and him lasting longer is important in your partner, you need to think before taking the BIG jump... On the other hand , just keep talking to him and maybe in time he will come around...

You obviously turn him on very much. Do you two have a large amount of foreplay before the actual penetration? If so, He is probably so excited from pleasuring his hot wife, that he cant hold back anymore. I think you have two viable options here. Either see a doctor(It may be a physical problem), or have him masturbate before you two actually have intercourse. This will take the edge off and have him last a little longer. If he still ejaculates fast, then you have a physical problem. Go see a doc.

Ummm... Seriously, Kinsey showed conclusively that 70% of males ejaculated within 2 minutes of penetration. 12 minutes is LONG not short - despite what rap music and lies from other people have told you. The stop and go method reduces sensation during orgasm and isn't particularly good for sexual health - you would be better off avoiding it. You are getting both of you to orgasm, I suggest not worrying and enjoying sex instead - for real. Kind thoughts, Hermes

You need to tell your selfish boyfriend that if he isn't going to take the time to please you then he's not getting any. Just because a man doesn't have an erection or just had an orgasm doesn't mean he still doesn't have ten fingers, lips, and a tongue. If he can't control himself (which isn't that difficult) then he needs to learn to please you. If not then I wouldn't be having sex with him because he only cares about himself. He can still please you in other ways to make you just as happy. Also you can make himorgasm with oral or a handjob then while he's waiting about 10-20 minutes to get an erection then he can spend that time on you, and make you happy. Then once he's hard again you can have sex and he'll last longer the second time around. There is nothing YOU can do for him. He just needs to realise you are just as important as him. -Connor

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