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when i have sex i last about 5 min. s but i want to last an 1 hour or maybe 2 anything i can do naturally to last this long of close to that long

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I think if you are having trouble getting off to soon then you should masterbate like 15 minutes before having sex. I think women would like both. But if you dont last long then she won't stay long with you. Sex is big when you are trying to start a realtionship. If the sex isnt good then they probably wont be staying around

When he breathes faster . he is about to ejaculate >At that time both of you should relax it down to the point of slow foreplay ,then get a slow job to it till you know it is about time to reach climax..Have fun

I have this same problem!! He always says he doesn't mind though which is nice. After I finish, I usually give him a BJ because he cums quicker that way.

Depends on alot of things, well for me anyways. How much sleep you have had, how well you have been eating, your mood and then being high it depends on what type of weed you have smoked, how much of it you have smoked and how long has it been since you have smoked it. There is only one way to find out, and that is to try it for yourself, and I am fairly sure that it would be different for everyone.

Its true in my case, my bf is the same way, he can last for hours, and an hour is minimum for us too, and I got the same reasons as to why. And I know what you mean, sometimes it takes too long and by the time he is done, you are bored and just want to be doing something else, but you don't know how to say it without coming across mean or insensitive. But other times I can't get enough and just want to him to never stop!

a good joke but not good the man is the headof the house whereas the woman is the neck she can turn the head whenever she wants to.

I think it all about self-control. Some men have it, some men do not! I don't get what's the big deal either. I see guys gush over beautiful women, and some men gush over me when I'm not even dressed in any kind provocative of way and I'm like but why? =] But yes, When I see a good-looking man, of course I think to myself "wow" but I never go all crazy and approach him only because he is good-looking! That would be crazy...

Let him climax another way first (orally, between your breasts or with your hands), rest and cuddle a while then do it . It will take the pressure off like letting the steam out of a pressure cooker before you lift the lid.

Like they said Go SLower or Jerk it off b4 u Have SEX... or YOu CAn Pull Out and Cum On Sumting And then Go Back In... Until U Cum Again

My advice to you..If you want to make sure you satisfy her try to go as long as she cant take it no more. If the 20 min is straight straight BANG BANG BANG! that may be cool..but dont look at the clock and say..'"20 min ok im done"..keep going...and when you have a orgasm..a lil 4play kissy kiss and licky lick to her and comeback for round 2 when your ready..easier for a guy to last on round 2 and 3 That first one she got the power because we are sensitve then..but the second and 3rd you can put it on her..BANG BANG BANG BANG...

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Is This Scififantasy Story Idea Any Good Please Tell Me What You Think

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