Women Unless You Really Want To Know Men Lol Have You Ever Had A Period As Bad As This I Am Worried

i had a girl jack me off real good for like 35 min and didnt bust is that bad

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Most women want- or claim to want- a man who can go "all night long" .. Or at least an hour or two (incl foreplay). At least, that's what men think women want. Men are very very sensitive about their lil man down there, and how he performs. If 10 minutes is actually a good time range for sex for you , then just tell him you did not mean the amount of time spent to be insulting - that to you, that's the best time frame , works for you both - but him just rolling over and falling asleep afterwards IS kind of insulting to you . (I mean, afterall- if it's just going to last 10 minutes, can't he spend a little time putting his arm around you or talking before rolling over?) . But, after telling him what you meant and how it makes you feel, don't approach the subject anymore, or it will just make matters worse.

Let's see...let me put on my thinking cap....you can wait another year and celebrate another year ..more time wasted waiting for him to change his cheating ways...you don't have to justify why you decided to investigate your suspicions that your man , the father of your children was cheating on you. God, you owe it to yourself and your two children to try to find out what kind of diseases he may be exposing you to. If you can try counseling as a couple perhaps you have a chance . Don't think you can't afford it ----you can't not afford it. Look in the yellow pages call , phone consultations are free...many therapy centers and therapists offer their services on a sliding fee scale based on what you can afford. I think one of the worst things you can do is think that just because you're 21 years old and may have made some unwise choices that you have to suffer a life sentence . Many woman your age start over and become happy, independent single moms who are very successful. Get yourself some educated support. Check your local university or community college...women's groups often offer contact info so you can have support and they can point you in the right direction to build a happy life for yourself and your children with or without the cheater!

Depends on alot of things, well for me anyways. How much sleep you have had, how well you have been eating, your mood and then being high it depends on what type of weed you have smoked, how much of it you have smoked and how long has it been since you have smoked it. There is only one way to find out, and that is to try it for yourself, and I am fairly sure that it would be different for everyone.

um, how old are you? yes, sitting on his lap while kissing probably gave him an erection. no, erections are not dangerous, if that's what you're asking. men orgasm when they ejaculate.

There never used to be a problem with this getting into mummy&daddys bed-it was like dummy sucking,or bed wetting,they were phases some children sometimes go through and were "weaned" off.But now,it can possibly be miscontrued at a place like a nursery sch,or even at one of their friends houses,so i would not do it for that reason.....big brother sees and hears all now!!!

Slower, take a break every few minutes to stimulate the woman. Put some relaxation music on that is relaxing to your woman but wicked boring to you. You can tell her you're edging and you'll take a break when you feel that you are getting too close to the summit. Mostly just chill.

Tell him about the roller coaster method. Have him reach several 'I'm about to blow!' moments during sex and then slow down. Do this several times (at least three) and once he finally does... blow, it'll probably be much more satisfying.

Talk to her and tell her that you want to make it last longer for her sake. Explain that you need to come first. Then after a little while you will be ready for it again, only this time it won't go off as quick as the urgency is over. Ask her to give you a hand job or suck it off first if you like. But if you explain it properly she should be happy to go along with you.

Go to Barnes and Noble or do an Amazon search. There are books with exercises. They're written by professional sex therapists, they're inexpensive books, usually short, and they'll give you a lot better idea than what you'll get on Yahoo Answers. Seriously. The idea of doing exercises together sounds mechanical, but by all reports they help and the condition (premature ejaculation) is very treatable.

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