How Can I Make My Partner Last Longer

Almost every time me and my man have sex he just wants to get it on no foreplay most of the time or very little or at least for me my pleasure. Then it is done and over in 5-10 min. sometimes shorter. I haven't even began to climax or I just started. Then it oh i am sorry i am sorry. My downstairs neighbor even made the comment I feel sorry for you It starts then its over I guess she hears the bed or something. I have tried almost everything i think to make it last longer but i can't. Am i just that good or is something wrong with me???? P.s. we have been together 7 years it was like this the first couple months and this past year only....why?????

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Ooor you could stay a virgin! Any worthwhile girl would be so much happier getting married to/dating a virgin. Save it for someone you really really love, and stay pure until you get married :)

Last as long as it takes for her to get off. Sometimes it's quick, sometimes it takes a bit of time. My bouts usually last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the mood and amount of foreplay.

I don't know. People on here can be sooo weird. Sometimes, they report stuff that has anything to do with sex, while, other times, people can write a whole book about sexual escapades. I've had an account suspended for asking a sexually related question. It wasn't explicit at all. I am a Christian and was wondering "Are Christians allowed to have oral sex?" Well, I woke up the next morning and didn't have an account anymore=( Something that I have tried (and haven't had a account suspended since) is in the question section, I put a disclaimer like "mature 18 plus please". and then I put my whole question in the details section. I've had a couple of violations but no suspensions in three years. Hope this helps! Sorry about your account. Good luck!

you can buy desensitizing lube at the drugstore. you might also want to try keeping the foreskin retracted and leaving it there, so your unit gets used to this. It'll feel weird, but that also helps desensitize things. I've lived life both ways, and no, being cut doesn't make you less sensitive. If nothing else, I'm even more sensitive now.

I've never heard of this occurring in the general population. This is NOT normal. It sounds like he's leading both of you on. He's an EMOTIONAL CHEATER who has trouble forming relationships in real life. It sounds like he chooses these women who are unavailable as a way of separating himself from real human connections. I think that he's not ready for love even though he's 41. I would ask him to seek consoling about why he is an emotional cheater and why he's distancing himself from human interaction.... doing this is NOT about boredom.

sounds a bit like scott westerfeld's uglies series a bit... and a bit like stephenie meyer's host. but then again all books sound the same! and they are both really good books. i suggest reading them to make sure you dont accidently copy anything. go for it!! i like that people are artistic enough to write a book. the pauser community shouldn't go with them i dont reckon. do you have enough ideas to make it into a series? i'd love to read it when its done.

Using a good tanning lotion is the first step. I use Designer Skin's Black (get it from ebay though, otherwise it's almost $100 at a lot of salons). Or try using an after-moisturizer with hemp in it. Another way is to watch the kind of soap you are using in the shower, as a lot of those are abrasive to your tan. Shaving also makes your tan fade faster. Or perhaps try upping how many times a week you go to the tanning bed and maybe go in longer.

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